June 23, 2024

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“West Philippine Sea is ours”, Vice President Leni Robredo asserts

Photo: Leni Gerona Robredo

West Philippine Sea (WPS) is ours as the arbitration tribunal ruled in July 2016, Vice President Leni Robredo declared.

Contrary to other presidential bets harping the China line as to get Chinese support, VP Robredo bravely asserted her stand on Philippine sovereignty over WPS.

Her stand on WPS will define foreign policy if she gets elected as President.

Vice President Leni Robredo asserted the country’s sovereignty over WPS before a meeting with retired AFP military generals on Thursday.

“On November 16, Chinese Coast Guard vessels harassed our vessels that were on a resupply mission to BRP Sierra Madre in Ayungin Shoal. This kind of treatment to Filipinos must stop,” Robredo asserted, a challenge to safeguard Philippine sovereignty.

Photo: Leni Gerona Robredo

Robredo said the retired generals conveyed a planning horizon for national security policy and strategy must be long-term for sustained implementation, regardless of changes in administration.

“Coherence in national security planning and economic development planning is important”, she said.

Robredo said she had a comprehensive and fruitful discussion with several retired generals of the AFP on major aspects of national security.

“The expert views of these generals and respected military strategists are very much appreciated, as we recognize that with threats both present and evolving, we need an institutional, comprehensive, and deliberate approach to national security,” the presidential candidate said in her post.

“We were able to discuss governance issues, defense spending, internal and external security concerns, civil-military relations in a democratic society, as well as non-traditional security concerns such as climate change, disaster risk reduction and management, pandemic response, cybersecurity, and disinformation,” Robredo said.