May 21, 2024

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Watch for USB cheating by teachers, warns whistle blower

USB flash drive. Photo from Google

During election, government teachers are assigned to man polling precincts.

USB cheating by teachers manning the polling precincts may occur if the narrative of a teacher whistle blower is true.

Going the rounds is social media says a team leader of teachers of a school district had backed out, allegedly exposing that cheating by the use of USB is in the offing.

The alleged whistle blower says he, with other team leaders, have been trained since March.

By April, they were given USBs with codes, and promised additional monetary rewards for their “cooperation”.

The modus operandi is to use their USBs on the ballot machines, such USBs are allegedly programmed for “Marcos – Duterte” votes.

The alleged whistle blower allegedly says “he is driven by conscience to back out from the planned cheating operation.”

In the social media post, the voting public are advised to watch closely the conduct in the voting process.