June 16, 2024

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VP Leni, mother and widow, reunited with daughters after 14 days quarantine due to COVID-19

Photo: Leni Robredo FB

A mother feels so much joy after reunited with her fatherless daughters who spent days in quarantine over fear of contracting more Covid 19 in the family.

The mother, also a widow, has been both a mother and father to her 3 daughters.

The burden has been heavy on VP Leni Gerona Robredo -a mother, a widow, and number 2 official of the country – who herself had been in quarantine, as same with her daughters.

Leni’s husband, DILG Secretary Jesse  Robredo, died in plane crash in August, 2012, and she never remarried, has taken care of their 3 young daughters.
“Mama’s calling inside”

VP Robredo, the mother inside her, writes in her FB post : “Today (Tuesday), we are all finally reunited after I completed my quarantine and got a negative RT PCR.”

“Tricia survived a bout with Covid (stayed in an Isolation facility for several days), and dengue (which she had while on quarantine after isolation). Double whammy for her but she’s okay now. Thanks God.”🙏

Leni, said: “Aika and Jillian ended their 14 day quarantine earlier than us. It was a miracle they didn’t test positive because they travelled with Tricia.”

Photo: Leni Robredo FB

“With great responsibilities”

Vice-President Leni has been visiting typhoon Odette – hit Visayas and Mindanao provinces in December, and has been involved in supporting frontliners in the fight against Covid 19 when word reached her that a daughter got the virus, and possibly the other siblings.

Leni said in her FB post: “Tricia tested positive on Christmas Day and I had a horrifying few days worrying about them and taking care of their needs.”

“I took a day off on Dec 28 to visit Bohol and Dinagat Islands but my close-in security tested positive following day. I also needed to quarantine.”

“Alone, isolated under quarantine”

” While on quarantine, I got tonsilitis, had really high fever and bad chills and couldn’t eat for 3 straight days. Doc decided to put me on IV so I was attached to it all through the New Year.”

With much faith and hope, Leni wrote: “Sorry for all the missed messages, greetings, etc. I’m back to my old self now and reunited with my girls. I will try my best to catch up starting today.