April 24, 2024

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Vice Governor bet in Camarines Sur hit for anti-media attitude

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Scorn and dislike for the members of the media by a Vice Governor candidate in Camarines Sur is felt among media practitioners, that they opt not to give the candidate media space.

The vice governor bet thinks he belongs to the better breed, while media practitioners are of the inferior kind, mendicant, and freeloader.

Among the common people, his attitude is “Mata pobre”, “mapanglait”.

The Vice Governor bet cannot accept the reality that journalists and media practitioners are practising their profession, reporting events of public interest, exposing issues to inform the public, and raise public attention concerning the under reported and unreported sectors.

But, beneath this scorn for the media is the candidate’s inner desire to hug the limelight and publicity by using the media mainstream for free. In effect, the candidate wants to free load, and buildup his image.

It’s about time for media practitioners to be critical on this candidate and his breed until such time they will give due respect for the media profession. Preferably, deny him media coverage.

Once they win, these bets would wallow in power and enjoy the use of public funds, and accountable to no one.