April 20, 2024

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US-based Filipino on Chiz Escudero: He has blood of “transactional politician”

Sorsogon governor Chiz Escudero and VP Leni Rodredo. OVP photo

by Joey Natividad, Senior Editor

US-based Filipino Jose Camano expressed his frustration after learning that Chiz Escudero did not publicly endorse Leni Robredo of her presidential bid when she visited Sorsogon other week..

Evaluating Escudero, Camano said: “Chiz has blood of a transactional politician.”

“He is aware of the pink revolution sweeping the entire archipelago,” Camano opined.

“It is safe (for Chiz) to join the bandwagon rather than be crushed by it. That is self-preservation,” Camano, also a Bicolano, said.

The issue is not trivial among pro-Leni supporters as Sorsogon is where Leni traced her roots, and Escudero is the present Governor.

Escudero is guest Senatorial candidate under the Leni-Kiko team, but still lucky enough he is carried by the opposing camps in their senatorial lineups.

“Chiz’s patriarch was a Marcos crony. Could be campaigning using the money of his dad earned through cronyism. But, Leni opted to bring him aboard because she has a big heart,” Camano opined.

In poll surveys, Escudero is getting high approval ratings while in mock elections conducted, he is winning more points over the other senatorial candidates.

But, Chiz’s good showing in the surveys did not impress Camano who openly declared his pro-Leni stand as early as October during the filing of candidacies.

Evaluating Leni, Camano said of her:
“Same way she has invited Gordon, Zubiri and Binay. I can respect her political savvy.”

” We cannot all be puritan. Let us include some scumbags in the line-up, to give them a chance to shape up, repent and embrace an incoming government that puts accountability and integrity at the forefront,” Camano said.

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