June 17, 2024

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“Undas” fire razes 2 houses in Camarines Sur

Photo via Bicol.PH

Fire gutted down two houses in 2 separate incidents in San Jose, Camarines Sur, on eve of All Souls Day, Monday, November 1.

The first fire incident broke out at the house of Elopre family in Barangay Pugay, at about 6:30 p.m.

This was followed by another fire in Barangay Tambangan, around 9:30 pm, which quickly consumed a house where two families lived.

The fire spread quickly over the house made only of light materials.

The local fire department theorized burning candles on home altars for the “undas” might had started the fire.

Photo via Bicol.PH

“During our investigation, it appears that they both lighted candles on their respective altars for the “undas,” a fireman said.

Then they left their homes for a while, and without their presence, the fire broke out.

“They might had left the candles burning, maybe they fell down, causing fire,” said SFO1 Rodel Dorosan, Chief of Operations of BFP San Jose.

No one was hurt in the incident.