June 13, 2024

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True friendship has no gender

Friendship beyond gender lines, deep friendship bonds two individuals as they seek higher learning and exploring their world.

Two close friends graduated together from high school, and behind them were tales of bonding friendship, days of fun and study of lessons, days of togetherness working on school projects, and days of spiritual service in their Youth Ministry.

On July 1, 2022, friends Jordan and Jaypee graduated from senior high school at Lungib National High School in Pilar town, Sorsogon Province, Philippines.

Since elementary school, Jordan and Jaypee have been classmates, not a big deal, but their friendship connected them emotionally.

Jordan admires Jaypee who is called the crush of the town.

Jaypee had never noticed this affection, but was fond of teasing Jordan.

But, fate played on Jordan and Jaypee.

Jordan moved to the village where Jaypee lives. The two became much closer with each other as they went to school and came home together.

They worked together on school projects and their closeness deepened even more during the Pandemic because of the modular learning system requiring them to stay at home and work on the modules.

The friendship between the two was inspiring for others, while Jordan admires Jaypee, their companionship and togetherness gave them exciting and unforgettable experiences in social activities and plain “kalokohan” (mischief).

They are also together in church activities as active members of their Youth Ministry in the other village.

Jordan graduated with his ultimate crush, Jaypee.

In reflection to the Pride Month, Jordan belongs to the LGBT community.

For Jordan, having a close friend to lean on in times of stressful situations and depressing moments is a big help.

His memorable experience of real friendship may be a model relationship among the LGBT community that transcends gender lines.

Entering college. Jordan will be taking up an Education course at Bicol University, while Jaypee will be attending Mariners Polytechnic College.

Jordan challenges the LGBT. “Do you have a close friend like Jaypee?”

Friendship has no gender. Belated Happy Pride Month.