May 19, 2024

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Trillanes scores the unseen mafia in government procurement

Former Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV. Bicol Express News video grab

Sorsogon City – When one saddle his horse he is ready to ride the rough valley and hills.

Former Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV is now galloping that as he courts the electoral votes for the May 2022 election and is unperturbed with rehash accusations calling his detractors to produce irreversible proof that he committed treachery in selling-out the territorial integrity of the country as he backchannels an agreement to deescalate the Scarborough Shoals stand-off with the Chinese navy.

Appearing with the Sorsogon media his stand against corruption in the government remains for an unseen mafia gain the most of the government contracts and that the bureaucracy is mired in corruption if unchecked the country may end up bankrupt.

Citing the controversial deal of the government with Pharmally that was investigated by the Senate Blue Ribbon committee and the yet to be investigated overprice of the Covid vaccines which have the lowest efficacy is clear that not only one agency of the government is involved. That the line of greed greased multiple hands before it reaches the top as the entrenched mafia operates in the shadow. He supports the move to identify all involved.

The bidding process is rigged now a normal way in winning a government contract. Allowing this to continue without investigating the anomalous process allows them to operate unimpeded. this must be stopped he said. The money for the value cost of the project is diluted sacrificing the benefits for the public.

While finishing his master’s degree he published a term paper about the corruption in the procurement system of the Philippine navy. The pervasive corruption is one of the reasons why an Oakwood and Manila Peninsula siege took place. It was his statement and stand against corruption. (Bicol Express News)