May 19, 2024

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Tricycle driver in Sorsogon City offered a free ride

Photo by Kim Doma

SORSOGON CITY – The community pantry indeed rub persons compassion for one another as a tricycle driver here without fanfare offered a free Community Ride for his passengers without them expecting it.

The franchise plate of his unit is #4823 traversing the main and side streets of the city giving rides to passengers.

Alighted passengers were on a treat for “Tatay” would say, the ride is free as his simple way to help his fellowman. He said that his idea is a free Community Ride, adding that his money box is without coins or bills for today he is offering a Free Community Ride.

The gesture of Tatay was shared in a Facebook post of Kim Doma and all she can say is thank you and GOD BLESS YOU TATAY.

His effort tops the best of life here in the City.