May 19, 2024

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Stinking waste incinerator law may churn out billion-peso profit

Waste incineration plant and greenhouses in France. Photo by Greenpeace


Proponents of waste Incineration, fragrantly repackaged as “waste-to-energy”, are lobbying the Senate and House of Representatives to passed into law mandating the more than 1,800 local government units (towns and cities) to use waste incinerators.

This law will guarantee gargantuan profits for the proponents in the next coming years.

Unknown to the public, greedy capitalist investors are ready to grab billions of pesos of profit once the proposed Senate Bill No. 1789, also known as the “Waste-to-Energy Act” is passed into law.

At stake is the people’s money that shall be used to purchase waste-to-energy technologies, or incinerators.

Billions of pesos are involved in the purchase of these waste-to-energy incinerators that shall be established in every town and city in the country.

This stinking proposed law has forced some 100 organizations involved in the “green movement” to lobby at the Philippines Senate to withdraw Senate Bill No. 1789, also known as the “Waste-to-Energy Act”.

In a letter sent to the Senate members of the 18th Congress and signed by over 100 organizations, the groups said that they are seriously concerned about the harm that Waste-to-Energy (“WtE”) technologies and facilities pose to human health, the environment, and to the economic standing of local government units.

“WtE facilities are ineffective solutions to deal with waste. Scientific studies clearly show that incineration processes in WtE facilities emit significant quantities of direct greenhouse gases, and are sources of indirect greenhouse gases including large amounts of dioxins and furans,” the groups, Ecowaste Coalition. said.

Many suspect that grease money or equity might be given to lawmakers once the waste incinerator bill is passed into law.