April 18, 2024

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Specialists beef up Sorsogon Provincial Hospital medical corps

Photo: Sorsogon PIO

Just joined by a neurosurgeon, an Interventional Radiologist (IR) is added into the medical corps, increasing the number of specialists at Sorsogon Provincial Hospital.

The group of doctors and specialists of the provincial government already includes Dr. Ricardo de Castro.

Photo: Sorsogon PIO

The Interventional Radiologist performs biopsies of tumors in the lungs, liver and other parts of the body using a CT scan or ultrasound.

Dr. de Castro is one of the specialists who will handle the Catheterization Laboratory or Cath Lab at SPH.

The first CT scan – guided lung mass biopsy was performed recently at the hospital.

Dr. de Castro is the husband of Dr. Margarita Chacon, also a radiology specialist.