May 20, 2024

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Sorsogon teachers protest “rapists tag” in anti-rape campaign

Offended teachers in Sorsogon demand apology from Sorsogon City police and the City Government advisory councils for “rape tagging” them, singling out teachers as “possible rape suspects” in their anti-rape campaign materials.

The “rapist tag” on teachers gravely affects the bonding, trust and confidence needed in student-teacher relationships in the environment of learning.

Over the week, Sorsogon City police and Sorsogon City Advisory Council has waged advocacy campaign, Oplan Kontra Lupig, using tarpaulins as info materials.

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers Bicol (ACT-Bicol) protested the singling of teachers as “possible rape suspects”, included in the short list.

The protesting teachers demanded apology from Sorsogon City Police Station and Sorsogon City Advisory Council and to pullout the info materials.

Oliver B. Lucenario, ACT-BICOL president, insisted for the removal of teachers from the short list of “possible rape suspects”.

“Teachers must be given proper respect, if not for them, there would be no doctors, engineers, lawyers, workers, and the various learned sectors,” Lucenario said.