April 23, 2024

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Sorsogon State College is now Sorsogon State University

The Sorsogon State University Engineering Campus. Bicol Express News photo

Sorsogon City – With its full compliance to the Commission on Higher Education requirements. The Commission En Banc approved the conversion of Sorsogon State College into Sorsogon State University. The announcement was made by Commissioner Aldrin Darilag.

Sorsogon State College was the former Sorsogon Trade School established in 1907 and Republic Act 704 was Sorsogon School of Arts and Trade and by 1953 was renamed Sorsogon College of Arts and Trade. By 1993 become Sorsogon State College.

Its transformation produce board topnotchers in engineering, architecture with a high percentage passing rate nationwide, have to send their professors to international training, the tertiary achievement in the region during the Tertiary Schools Press Conferences by campus journalists are but a few of its milestones.

In another front the former state college was also a recipient of 15 million funds from DOST when their Crab Canning and Processing Facility program in Magallanes Campus was assessed as a value-adding technology for marine resources of the province. I BicolExpress.News