June 21, 2024

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Sorsogon provincial hospital doctors going rounds for elective surgeries

SPIO photo

The initiative to serve Sorsoganon’s healthcare needs was evident in the program of Governor Chiz Escudero requiring the provincial government doctors to schedule elective surgeries at the provincial, district and medicare hospitals for eligible residents of the area.

The program was started at Donsol District Hospital on November 13, 2020, and the latest was at the Pto. Diaz Medicare Hospital visits performing surgeries on nineteen patients.

In Irosin District Hospital the surgical team performed 15 major surgeries and 25 minor medical procedures. The surgeries in the district and medicare hospitals as part of the prioritization of health and wellness of the province’s human resources.

The initiative lessens the burden and apprehension of family members with medical conditions as eligible patients need not fear the high cost of medical care by attending specialist doctors who are not charging professional fees.

SPIO photo

The program includes the upgrade of facilities and the once dilapidated hospital structures were renovated with an open-air patio done at the provincial hospital grounds aside from the continuing medical training of its doctors and nurses preparatory for the operation of dialysis and cancer facilities. Funded items for medical doctors resulted in the hiring of additional medical staff servicing more patients in need.

Aside from the provincial hospital, the province is funding the operations of four district and four medicare hospitals that have successfully implemented a quality management system earning them an ISO 9001:2015 with scope in business operation and public service delivery.