May 20, 2024

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Sorsogon has booming economy – PSA

The Province of Sorsogon according to the data of the Philippine Statistics Authority has an steady increase of Gross Domestic Product based on the performance for November until December 2023.

The PSA rating covered 17 Highly Urbanized Cities and 82 provinces outside of the National Capital Region.

Accordingly all provinces and HUC’s nationwide registered an increase per capita GDP IN 2022 compared in 2021.

The recent statistic was based on the economic performance of provinces and highly urbanized cities on the sub- national level wherein an individual contributed to the Gross Domestic Product.

Sorsogon for a couple of years has seen a boom in public works that lessen unemployment aside from the money for peso value of provincial funds that also created employment province wide.

The economic activity of the province earned it as an attractive investment area that has the skilled manpower and available resources to tap.

As one of the most watch province Sorsogon tops other provinces in Bicol as pronounced by PSA with its enviable strength pushing the per capita Gross Domestic Product in terms of credible economic development and planning.