May 20, 2024

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Sorsogon Governor Hamor chairs Bicol Peace and Order Council

Sorsogon governor Edwin "Boboy" Hamor. SPIO photo

by Bicol Express News

The recent appointment released by the Presidential Communications Office under the Office of the President includes local chief executives as chairs of their regional peace and order council, including Sorsogon Governor Jose Edwin B. Hamor as chairman for the Bicol council.

The Department of Interior and Local Government made the appointment public. They released it days ago seen as the confidence to the first termer Sorsogon governor to work with the representative departments, offices, and agencies as counterparts of the national government operating in the region in line with the policy and agenda of the national government.

The appointment was confidence for the first term of Sorsogon governor, of which the national government department, offices, and agencies operating in the region are to cooperate with the agenda of the council in line with the national government’s policy.

The RPOC is tasked to formulate plans and recommend such measures to improve and enhance peace and order and public safety. It will also monitor the implementation of peace and order programs and projects and other counter-insurgency programs and activities.

The RPOC chairman shall appoint three representatives of the private sector and depending upon the needs and situation in the area he can appoint additional Sectoral representatives to the RPOC.

Governor Hamor is yet to convene the Council to see through the working agenda of the previous council.