June 23, 2024

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Sorsogon Governor Chiz snipes at DOH-V reporting style

Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero. SPIO photo

Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero sniped at Department of Health (DOH) Region V on Thursday, questioning its method of reporting on active Covid 19 cases in Naga and Legazpi cities as separate from their provinces.

While reports on Sorsogon, Masbate, Camarines Norte, and Catanduanes are lumped together with their respective cities.

“Besides, I don’t understand why DOH-V separates the number of active cases/deaths of Naga and Legazpi from Camarines Sur and Albay Provinces, respectively, in their reporting, yet lumped the number in the 5 other cities in their respective provinces,” he pointed out in his social media post.

“One or two provinces or cities do not make a region comprised of 6 provinces and 7 cities,” he said, in his post.

“I again urge Dr. Pornillos and her group to kindly consult, not only us, but also your counterparts in Sorsogon and other provinces before purporting to speak for ‘all doctors’ and ‘all of us’.”

“What is the basis of the distinction?”, he asked.

He said that if these were applied to us too, then their chart should, for example, show Sorsogon: Province – 132 cases; Sorsogon City – 116 (for a total of 248, not 254).

“Probably the difference came from “others” , and only DOH-V knows where in Bicol “others” is located.