June 16, 2024

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Sorsogon COVID-19 Information Caravan doubted by CAP Bicol

In a statement the Concerned Artist of the Philippines (CAP) Bicol raised doubts on the real intent of the COVID-19 Information Caravan created by governor Chiz Escudero Executive Order No. 12 majorities of the members are politicians and soon to be politicians eclipsing in numbers health professionals participation.

It came into the open after the incident in Irosin town wherein a near fist fight ensued between municipal administrator Lorenzo Ubalde of the town and first district board member Edmundo Atutubo giving a lot of unanswered questions of the real intent of the Covid-19 task force.

The group said that there are alternatives for the info drive instead of mass gathering of minors ages 10-17 which is prohibited to stay out of their residences the IATF guidelines. Doing put at risk the well-being of the minors.

They put emphasis that members of the task force the latest is five been confirmed to have tested positive of the Novel Coronavirus. They are Vice-governor Manuel Fortes Jr. Board Member Juan Guysayko, Edmundo Atutubo and the latest is Vice-mayor Dennis Escudero of Casiguran. Before them was Francisco Ravanilla.

It also assailed the real agenda hidden in the info campaign for there are tarpaulins with the name of prominent personalities aiming to seek higher provincial positions aside from supporters of would be politicians wearing identical shirts with their names printed on it.

What the caravan is doing are duplications of the DOH, MOH, RHU and IATF in their social media post aside from the interview given to radio and television of health professionals was their observation.

They asked why towns with lower cases were targeted for the caravan instead to concentrate it in Sorsogon City which has experienced a spike in cases in over the saturation of the social media post of the agencies on the issue. Radio and television interview of health experts about the virus.

CAP Bicol recommends a text blast with NTC participation, social media campaign, radio information dissemination, distribution of flyers, online webinar, online meeting via Zoom and COVID info sheets included in the modules since DepEd is also a task force member.

On their part they can be commissioned to do storybooks aimed for minors, virtual exhibits of children’s artistic talent, songwriting or composition using the dialect for better understanding and appreciation of the target audience, mural painting, poem and essay writing, using the most appreciated social media apps and other art related activities themed for COVID-19 awareness.

The group rejects Executive Order No. 12-2021 but is silent on the sprouting of full-size tarpaulin informing the public of the minimum health protocol against the virus with the addition that vaccines administered should be approved by the food and Drug Administration.

With their message, the provincial government of Sorsogon is yet to respond with the observations that the Task Force overshoot the boundaries of health information instead it double up as early political campaigning considering that the majority of its members either to seek re-election or be seeking higher elective position and some are aspiring to become an elected public official by next year election.