June 23, 2024

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Sex pervert police major masturbates in front of sales girl in Legazpi City mall

The police officer might have felt an “exploding experience”, not with his gun, but with something else just to get the lady’s attention.

A report from Legazpi City said a lawman allegedly masturbated in front of a sales lady
inside a Legazpi City mall.

This prompted the sales lady to notify mall security guards.

Reports say the obscene man was a police officer in civilian clothes when accosting security guards took a look of his ID.

Police headquarters wants to investigate the alleged sex pervert, but the lady victim reportedly decided not to file a complaint and had forgiven the offender.

According to authorities, the alleged masturbation of a civilian policeman in front of a saleslady was still a mystery.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Rodelon Betita, Station chief said they have already reported the incident to Police Regional Office, and are investigating.

According to Betita. It is still unknown if CCTV captured the incident.

The offender is a police major, married, but police cannot get detailed information because the victim decided not to file a complaint.

According to Betita , the suspect and the victim had a settlement.

“But, maybe the Regional Office will initiate an administrative case, a complaint.”