July 18, 2024

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Senator Chiz Escudero in national spotlight

Newly elected Senate President, Chiz Escudero. SPI photo

The ascension of Senator Francis Joseph Escudero as Senate President of the 19th Congress rocketed his political fortune as the man to watch in 2026 national and local elections.

Escudero coy as he is about his plans for 2026 is now in the radar of political bigwigs as their possible choice for the vice-presidency. It is not remote that among possible would be contender for that position his sleeves covered the intricacies of national agenda and has the pulse of the bigger issues of the country as it faces the pestering relations with China’s foreign policy at West Philippine Sea.

Sorsogon Governor Edwin Hamor and Heart Evangelista. SPI photo

His political stars during his time as a representative of the First Congressional District of Sorsogon as one of the bright boys wherein he filed an impeachment against then president Gloria Arroyo Escudero became a crowd favorite of the millennial voters.

In a statement after taking the senate gavel the son of Sorsogon is ready to reach out with his seven colleagues who were reluctant to effect the clamor of the fifteen for a leadership change and dispel rumors that he is not in good stead with outgoing senate president senator Zubiri whom he knows during their congressional years at the House of Representative and the other senators.

Sorsogon Governor Edwin Hamor (center). SPI photo

As a fitting respect during his oath as the new Senate President Sorsogon Governor Edwin Hamor witnessed the proceeding him saying the honor that Senator Chiz ascension is a pride for Sorsogon for political history reckons the intelligence of the members of the senate choosing him as the most trustworthy among his peers to lead the upper chamber.

SPI photo

Sorsogon is honored for their son Senate President Francis Joseph G Escudero as it wish him all the success in his new role in shaping national policies.