May 21, 2024

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Row among officials of Bicol Medical Center may reach Ombudsman

The Bicol Medical Center. Photo from Google

A row between a department officer and top-level officials of Bicol Medical Center (BMC) in Naga City, Camarines Sur, may end up with the aggrieved officer filing a case against BMC officials before the Ombudsman.

The aggrieved officer, a BMC department head, has health issues, now undergoing regular dialysis.

According to a source who prefered to remain unnamed, the officer was scheduled for kidney transplant at BMC, but there were alleged “machinations” from top BMC officials that led to his kidney operation being postponed for “flimsy excuses.”

The aggrieved officer, now an outpatient, will spill all the beans before the proper court.

The source said there is “office politics” involved, a situation confirmed by the officer.

Being department head, the officer was subjected to “floating status” by the BMC official to pave the way for his “anointed one” to take over the officer’s post, which is crucial to BMC logistics and operations.