June 17, 2024

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Roll-out of Nutri foods for the youth is still a town priority

Photo: Castilla PIO

The Municipal Nutrition Council of Castilla Sorsogon in coordination with the Department of Health came up with a menu specifically for the youth sector of the town to ensure a proper diet and food regimen for adolescents.

Following the menu according to Mayor Isagani Mendoza is will ensure a nutritious and sustained body for the energetic youths.

The program was to minimize malnutrition in the town geared toward having an adolescent population with improved nutrition, growth, and development. The local government knows the irreversible effects of malnutrition on the adolescent growth rate as they add muscles, height, and bone mass as nearly all the systems and organs of their body mature.

Photo: Castilla PIO

Mendoza said that adolescents with good nutrition develop physical and mental growth adding focus to their proper involvement in the community.

As a banner program, the town was awarded a Green Banner is one of the highest recognition given to a local government unit with excellent implementation and management of nutritional programs.