December 11, 2023

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Robredo’s daughter legworking for “Nanay’s” presidential bid

Dra. Tricia Robredo. Bicol Express News photo

SORSOGON CITY — Dra. Tricia Robredo, the second daughter of VP Leni Robredo, turned into a revelation when she faced the Sorsogon media Sunday, candidly answered what their family feel about the negative and fake news in the social media against her mother.

Admitting that they were hurt for it was the opposite of the character and track record of the vice-president, but is respectful of the sentiments of people who believed them for they may not have the luxury of time to browse and digest the truth behind the remarks aside their lack of communication gadgets.

Doctor Robredo said in the past six years her mother was negatively portrayed on social media causing them to re-examine their campaign strategy, going deep outside of their comfort zones.

Dra. Tricia Robredo with members of Sorsogon media. Bicol Express News photo

She narrated that after the “Pasiglaban” rally they visited a community in the National Capital Region, and she realized that the message of the vice-president has not resonated well with the lower income group and requested Leni’s volunteers to go door to door walking along the way, knocking and tapping doors, rubbing shoulders with the masses. This is now in full blast as messengers of truth.

What is admirable about this lady is her simplicity and outlook in life, saying that if it comes that she will offer health care advice to her mother, it is best that she takes the advice of health care professionals with the best information because of the mastery of their field.

Assuring everyone that the daughters of VP Leni have no inkling to enter in politics, as they are career centered, which to observers, among the media present was a forthright but civil reference to the scions of past presidents who entered politics, and in jest said that her Mama will, at the time being, be contented with her daughters for marriage is not yet on their table.

Dra. Tricia Robredo introduced by Mr. Salvador “Dong” Mendoza to the members of Sorsogon media. Bicol Express News photo