May 21, 2024

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Public servant must be on call, even night time – ABC Chavez of Camarines Sur

"ABC" Antonio B. Chavez of Camarines Sur

Aware of the demands to serve the needs of constituents, “ABC” Antonio B. Chavez of Camarines Sur says a true public servant must be “on call” and attends, even during nighttime, to the needs of communities on issues of grave concern, especially during calamities.

ABC Chavez explained this dedication and passion for public service must be carried on by public officials.

During his visit in coastal villages of Caramoan, ABC Chavez explained before villagers the call of duty by public officials to serve their needs, especially in the remotest areas.

“ABC” Antonio B. Chavez of Camarines Sur

Several Caramoan villages are accessible by boats.

“In this crucial times, a true public servant must turn nights into days when service to the community is urgently needed,” he said to Caramoan villagers during nighttime barangay visits.

ABC Chavez is running for a seat in Congress, representing the 4th District of Camarines Sur.

His legislative agenda is rural development, among others.

The 4th District comprises the towns of Lagonoy, San Jose, Goa, Tigaon, Sagñay, Tinambac, Presentacion, Siruma, Garchitorena, and Caramoan.