May 27, 2024

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Promises! Promises! Promises! Decades of bad roads in Camarines Sur 4th District, says ABC Chavez

Antonio B. Chavez

Bad roads were discovered in Camarines Sur’s hinterlands in the Caramoan peninsula, specifically barangay roads.

This was revealed by ABC Chavez during an interview Monday by Russel Rosero, host of ABC@Your Service radio program at Partido News FM 100.9.

“ABC” Antonio B. Chavez visited “laylayan” areas in Tinambac, and has discovered that rough roads dotted the landscapes, saying that these bad roads have been the problem for many years.

“Past Congressmen had been making false promises in the past years to improve the roads”, he said.

“Everything was full of promises.Tuga!
Tuga! Tuga! ( Promises! Promises! Promises!),” ABC Chavez lamented.

“The previous Congressmen of the 4th District never bothered to improve the roads, nor have them cemented,” ABC Chavez lamented.

Antonio B. Chavez of 4th District, Camarines Sur.

“These bad roads have deprived the people economic opportunity, and the neglect added to their sufferings,” he added.

He vowed to improve the barangay roads once he wins a seat in Congress.

ABC Chavez is running for Congress to represent the 4th District.

He said the poorest towns are located in his District, and his agenda is rural development, education, health, among others.

The 4th District in Camarines Sur comprises the towns of Tigaon, Sagñay, Goa, Tinambac, Presentacion, Lagonoy, San Jose, Garchitorena, Caramoan, and Siruma.