June 13, 2024

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Prime Water Sorsogon yet to achieve minimum pressure requirements to concessionaires

There are still ten barangays needing upgrade that should have been served efficiently by Prime Water Sorsogon because of its low water pressure out of the 34 pressure gauges installed. Only 15.02 pound per square inch(psi) was the average pressure as recorded when monitored by the Sorsogon City Water District within the area.

The inability to achieve the minimum water pressure to concessionaires became troubling confidence of the water provider resulting in criticism of the maintenance and upkeep of the concession area.

The Joint Venture Agreement between SCWD and PrimeWater calls for a minimum water pressure requirement of 7 psi. The lowest pressure was 1.33 in Bitan-o/Dalipay followed by Macabog and Sirangan with 2.67 psi. The other areas with less than the minimum required are Balogo and Piot with 6 psi, Sampaloc with 4.67, San Juan and Talisay water pressure is 6.33, Tugos and Sulucan at 5.33 psi.

At Bacon District the pressure monitored in San Isidro is 61.33 psi and the rest of the concession areas of the district registered above the minimum. The data was made public by SCWD.
The SCWD before it recommends an intervention program to PrimeWater Sorsogon will have to determine prevailing pressure from six locations of installed pressure gauges. It also invited attention for the replacement of zero reading meters and to monitor illegal connections.

Prime Water-Sorsogon City is undertaking a replacement project of 6inch diameter pipe along the junction of Barangay Cambulaga up to Barangay Sirangan and lateral lines of 2 inch and 3inch pipes. (BicolExpress.News)