March 1, 2024

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Political narcissistic culture governs Naga City; tarpaulin politics

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Photos of tarpaulins showing the name and photo of the Naga City mayor publicly displayed were posted in social media after the Mayor said Sunday that he never violated the prohibition.

Netizens in Naga City, Camarines Sur, posted in social media previous photos of tarpaulins showing names and photos of Mayor Nelson Legacion displayed publicly in March, 2021.

Mayor Legacion claimed Sunday, May 30, in a post on social media, he never violated the prohibition of posting publicly the name and photo of a public official in projects info-material.

Legacion publicly apologized for his “faux pas” in letting his name and photo appeared in tarpaulins observing the 63rd birth anniversary of the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo who died August, 2012.

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He said he accepted responsibility as Mayor, knowing it was a violation, but insisted their being posted publicly was not brought to his attention.

“This is the first time that my name has been dragged into this kind of issue, which I humbly apologize for the mistake,” he apologized for the faux pas.

“You must take note that my name and picture do not appear in all projects anywhere in the City, except on this occasion,” he said, referring to the Robredo tarpaulins.

It is an isolated case, according to him.

But, netizens posted photos of tarpaulins displayed in previous months, meaning it has been going on unchallenged.

A critic said it is a kind of political narcissistic culture among public officials.

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Contributed photos:
TARPAULIN POLITICS. Barangay tarpaulins announcing the photo and name of Mayor Nelson Legacion in a PWD social project. These 3 Barangay tarpaulin photos are among the 27 Barangay tarpaulins. Naga has 27 barangays.