April 24, 2024

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PANAHON ni Frank Penones Jr.; “Bicolanizing” Martial Law

Frank Penones Jr. Photo from FB

by Joey Natividad, Senior Editor

Frank Penones Jr. ventured into a new dimension of literary work, where other artists would not dare to explore.

The mark of Bicol culture, Penones’ latest literary work in video has “Bicolanized” Martial Law era, capturing the abuses and oppression of the Marcos dictatorial regime in the common understanding of the Bicol soul in suffering.

According to Penones, his video literary work may be called “rawitdawit” although the chanting is his creation with influence of “pasyon”, the style of chanting of “precolonial chanted poems of the Bikolnon.”

“Pasyon” is the traditional religious Catholic chant narrating Jesus’ passion and suffering leading to his crucifixion. It is recited during the Holy Week.

Netizen Belangel Cedar, in his FB note, considers Frank “a great writer and artist.”

“Mr. Frank Penones, the man of all seasons, who writes and chronicled significant events, catapults achievers of time. He is a myth and a legend in the field of a well-balanced journalism. We salute you,” says netizen Mcking Alanis, in his FB comment.

“You rekindled a torch where democracy died in the Philippines; reminiscent of the hardships of many people; the tortures of those others killed, who want to speak their minds, stand to their principle and truth. It’s a history written that should not be allowed to happen again. that is why its time to vote for your conscience,” says Alanis.

Frank attended high school and college at Ateneo de Naga University, Naga City, Camarines Sur.

He has Master of Arts in Teaching Literature from De La Salle University, Manila.