September 27, 2023

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October is a grand month for Sorsogon

Kasanggayahan Festival 2017 - Busaingan. Photo by Manny Ferrer / Bicol Express News

by Bicol Express News

To commemorate the 129th year as a province, Sorsogon nationally branded Kasanggayahan Festival will showcase its best of culture and arts as preparations are underway for the 10 days event to start on October 8 until 17, this year.

This 2023 edition of Kasanggayahan will display the province’s tradition, culture, perseverance, creativity, and abundance in life putting across a message that Sorsogon, its people united, is a prime destination in the tourism map of the country.

The Historico-Cultural event will showcase float parade and street dance both are top crowd drawers and will kick off the festival on October 8.

One will witness “Beautiful Sorsogon” in rich and colorful attires showcasing the heritages of each of the fourteen towns and the city of Sorsogon blending the rich history of Sorsogon as one.

Pantomina sa Tinampo “Love Dance”. Photo by Manny Ferrer / Bicol Express News