April 24, 2024

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‘Ngayon ang Panahon’ to be launched on 38th EDSA

To celebrate the 38th anniversary of the EDSA People Power, Musika Publiko’s Bicol Pop network, together with the Naga City People’s Council, is launching the song “Ngayon ang Panahon.”

Catch this new recording of “Ngayon ang Panahon” on Spotify and Apple on February 25, 2024! It’s produced by singer-songwriter Karl Ramirez, alongside the band Pordalab and the percussion group Kilyab. Bicolano music producer Karl Ramirez is an awardee in the PMPC Star Awards and FAMAS and has received multiple nominations for his musical works.

The advocacy for good governance, just like a song that needs to be sung, can be achieved if we come together as a chorale, encouraging those who need encouragement, and standing up strong for those who are afraid to speak up, afraid yet to join the chorus of voices. If we are able to encourage people to participate, if we are able to encourage them to sing along with us, then a better future is possible.

And when is the best way to do that? Ngayon! Hindi mamaya, hindi bukas. Ngayon ang panahon!

Composed in 2015 and first released in 2016, “Ngayon ang Panahon” gets a vibrant local twist with Kilyab’s percussion work in this new rendition. It is still sung in Filipino so that its message, much like the Naga City People’s Council’s advocacy for people’s participation in governance, can reach and inspire people and communities all-over the country.

You can pre-save it to your favorite music platform for now: https://bfan.link/ngayon-ang-panahon