March 1, 2024

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New Facebook Group using Bayanihan E-konsulta name and logo FAKE: VP Robredo

A new Facebook group using the name and logo of Vice-president Leni Robredo priority Bayanihan E-Konsulta Program was disowned by the vice=president as FAKE whose motive is to sow intrigues and wants to destroy and mislead the populace of the good intention of the program.

The statement was given as an advisory in VP Leni Robredo official Facebook account

Reminding the public that those to be served by the E-konsulta page should only chat the official Bayanihan E-konsulta page.

Her office said that functions of the program is closely monitored by the Office of the Vice-Presiden manned by its staff and the external volunteers who underwent the onboarding process.

The public is warned to double-check and be vigilant in joining social media group to be safe from trolls, fake news purveyor and other with doubtful personality.

Social media users that have seen the benefit of the program labeled the fake group as paid trolls. Instead of helping to educate particularly those without telecommunication to avail the services of the program all they want is to destroy aligned the vice-president. Others called the fake group inutile.

The comment of Arlene Bangsil sum it all” The project is good that’s why “the insecure” will do anything to tear it down. She was referencing to the army of trolls down the line.