June 13, 2024

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Netizens offer Villafuertes choice sites in Camarines Sur for renaming, instead of CBSUA

Photo from FB

Opposition to HB 10170,renaming the Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) into Gov Luis R. Villafuerte University of Agriculture, has garnered 15,000 signatures, in the current online petition, and still counting.


This move by Bill author, Congressman LRay Villafuerte, (2nd district, Cam Sur) naming the state university after his deceased father, has received too much flak from social media opposition.

Many netizens over social media, trying to appease the Villafuertes’ appetite for self – glorification and narcissistic vanity, have suggested to the Villafuertes to rename some important places in Camarines Sur, instead of tinkering with CBSUA.

Netizens suggestions are the following:

● Rodriguez Mental Hospital in Pili can be renamed Villafuerte Mental Hospital

● Leprosarium in Cabusao,

● Province of Camarines Sur to Villafuerte Province

● Mt. Isarog to Mt. Villafuerte

● Mt. Asog (Mt. Iriga) to Mt. Villafuerte

● Buhi Lake to Villafuerte Lake

● Bato Lake to Villafuerte Lake

● entire stretch of Maharlika Highway from Albay – Camarines Sur border to Sipocot to be known as Villafuerte Highway

● Capital town of Pili to be converted and known as Villafuerte City

● Naga Domestic Airport to Villafuerte Airport

● Public cemeteries, bridges

According to many social media citizens, the renaming of one of these sites after their family name can satisfy their family ego.

This might appease their narcissistic longing for recognition satisfaction that they might spare CBSUA from unwarranted problems.