June 23, 2024

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Leni-Kiko top online Mock Election of students in Partido State University in Goa, Camarines Sur

Photo: VP Leni Robredo FB page

Leni Robredo and Kiko Pangilinan top the mock election held by the student body of Partido State University (PSU) in Goa, Camarines Sur.

In the mock election results, presidential candidate Leni Robredo gets 80.9% over Ferdinand Marcos Jr (BBM) 9.9% and other bets with small percentage.

Vice president candidate Kiko Pangilinan gets 45.6% over Vicente Tito Sotto 18.6% and other bets.

Senatorial candidate Chiz Escudero gets 51%, higher than other candidates.

However, the student body says the mock election is the initiative by the students, and does not reflect the stand of PSU , being a government institution and non-political.

In its FB post, “The Pulso 2022, Student Online Mock Election with a theme, “Situating the Role of Youth in 2022 National and Local Elections” aim to encourage students to participate actively and become an empowered voter in the 2022 national and local elections.”

Results for President in mock election by students of Partido State University -Goa, Camarines Sur

The outcome of the mock election among Presidential, Vice Presidential, and Senatorial candidates, reflected a fraction of our student community’s political stance.

“Months before the elections, we, citizens, have been given a chance to know these candidates.”

Student political views may change, yet they have shared their initial voting preferences.

“Calling the attention of 32,700,000 youth voters, take your part in shaping our nation’s future,” the PSU Student Council declared.

“We are the hope of our country. We have strength in numbers. Take the challenge of securing the best leaders to win in the incoming election.”

“Educate and be EDUCATED.  We must know the truth and have a fact-based decision. Vote wisely ParSUans!”

Thank you for your participation! Mabalos!

Note: 99.1% of 1,423 students coming from different colleges and campuses who participated in this mock election are registered, voters.

For clarification: https://tinyurl.com/yeynmsj6

Pub mat by: Deljohn Hermogeno