March 3, 2024

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Legazpi City Mayor Rosal not quitting; readies for court battle

Governor Noel Rosal, Mayor Geraldine Rosal. Photo from FB

by Joey Natividad

Beleaguered Legazpi City Mayor Geraldine Rosal vowed to fulfill her mandate as Mayor as she rolled up her sleeves to fight a court battle challenging her disqualification by the Comelec.

Her lawyers are preparing to file a Motion for Reconsideration.

“Beside, I would rather focus on continuing my function as Mayor of Legazpi City in faithful compliance of the mandate bestowed upon me by the majority of the Legazpeňos. After all, “vox populi est suprema lex” – the voice of the people is the supreme law.
Thus, I remain”, vowed Mayor Rosal, in a public statement.

Mayor Rosal yesterday received the copy of the COMELEC’s Resolution disqualifying her as Mayor of Legazpi City.

“The decision came as a surprise, especially that portion where I was found guilty by reason of my “indispensable cooperation” in the distribution of the cash assistance.
With all due respect to the Second Division of the COMELEC, it is settled in law that a person becomes a principal by indispensable cooperation when he performs an act, without which the offense would not have been accomplished,” Mayor Rosal said.

“In my case, I cannot fathom how my alleged appearance during the questioned event was “indispensable”, considering that it would have pushed through just the same–with or without my appearance,” she argued.

The Legazpi City Mayor said her lawyers will file a Motion for Reconsideration.

Upon filing, Mayor Rosal will no longer answer further inquiries on the issues to respect the rule on Sub Judice.