April 18, 2024

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Lawyer accepts crabs as payment from cash-strapped client

Attorney Noel Allen Bose. Photo from FB

A cash-strapped client offered his lawyer his catch of crabs as payment for appearance fee, and the lawyer accepted it with gusto.

Lawyer with a good heart and a stomach full of good will, Attorney Noel Allen Bose happily accepted the bunch of crabs from his client.

Then, Lawyer Bose, properly wearing a coat and tie, posed for a selfie holding the crabs in front of Sorsogon’s Hall of Justice.

That day, he attended a hearing with his client in Sorsogon.

Feeling happy, he did another selfie again in social media, this time, feasting on the cooked crabs in his home.

In his post, he said he’s aware about his cholesterol, but his appetite with gusto outweighs the risk.

Photo from Attorney Noel Allen Bose FB