April 17, 2024

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Kris Aquino: Suffering in silence

Actress Kris Aquino. Video grab

In her FB post, sickly Kris Aquino made known her silent suffering, trying to cheer herself up, hoping to get well soon, but worries over her 2 sons.

She says, in her post:
“I spent the whole afternoon here in our unit in consultation with 2 young doctors- for their privacy I won’t name them- they are sisters in law who are both allergy specialists… marami akong health problems at present but para ma confirm how serious they are, kailangan unahin namin yung pinaka malaking hadlang, my allergies and my chronic urticaria.”

“Hindi kasi alam how I’ll react to the dyes needed for tests like CT SCAN, MRI, and lahat ng may -gram sa ending”.

“For us na lang yung autoimmune + other health issues ko, better for me to FOCUS on what’s GOOD: cancer is ruled out, kidney function is okay, sugar is fine (meaning no diabetes), and so far liver function is okay considering all my maintenance meds.”

Despite her ordeal, suffering in silence, Kris is aware of the prayers poured for her recovery, and selflessly asks that the prayers for her shall also include her loved ones.

“Thank you for all your prayers & kind well wishes, but let’s continue praying not just for me BUT for all my loved ones: my family- my sisters, brothers-in-law, mga pamangkin and PLEASE, my 2 sons, Kuya Josh & Bimb.”

“Please pray also for my closest cousins & my trusted friends from all colors of the 🌈 and my exceptionally loyal Doctors, my nurse, and my TEAM @home who worry, and do everything possible to keep me safe & Covid free…”

“My prayers & sympathy to all those my cousin Charlie Cojuangco left behind, (most especially to my Manang Lisa.)”

Kris says she just finished her blood test 30 minutes ago to see if she is viable candidate for the treatment she wants to try, before going abroad.

“Thank you, Jessica- my favorite med tech from St. Luke’s BGC.”

She ends her post: “Sobrang daming dapat ma THANK YOU but aangal kayo na ang haba ng caption ko. So for now, God bless us 😇, Good Night😴 & #lovelovelove.”