July 19, 2024

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KN Electrons Empowers Cambulaga Elementary School with Interactive Multi-Touch Device for Classroom Learning

Sorsogon City – KN Electrons, a leading technology company based in Sorsogon City with a goal of Smart City living, focused on research and innovation, recently conducted a research project in collaboration with Cambulaga Elementary School, showcasing their revolutionary interactive multi-touch device known as the Interactive Board. This initiative aims to explore the potential benefits of smart devices in educational settings and evaluate the readiness of students and teachers for the digitalization age.

The Interactive Board serves as a cutting-edge digital blackboard, offering students and teachers a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Equipped with a range of features, including flashing presentations, film showcases, and interactive writing capabilities, the Interactive Board also includes simulations of various class activities. This innovative technology provides an immersive environment for students to explore and engage with educational content in new and exciting ways.

This research project was conducted in partnership with Cambulaga Elementary School and was in alignment with the Department of Education’s (DepEd) MATATAG program. The MATATAG Curriculum, which was recently launched by DepEd, aims to decongest the current K to 12 Curriculum and focuses on the development of foundational skills such as literacy, numeracy, and socio-emotional skills for kindergarten to Grade 3. It also emphasizes the formation of students’ values, character development, and the articulation of 21st Century Skills.

In expressing the significance of this initiative, Keisuke Nakamura, CEO at KN Electrons, stated, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Cambulaga Elementary School for this research project, especially in conjunction with the Department of Education’s MATATAG program. By introducing the Interactive Board to the classroom environment, we aim to gather valuable insights on the integration of smart devices and their potential to revolutionize education, aligning with our commitment to empowering communities through technological advancements and realizing the vision of Smart City living.”

The interactive nature of the Interactive Board allows teachers to deliver engaging lessons, fostering active participation and knowledge retention among students. Furthermore, the device encourages collaborative learning, as students can interact and collaborate on shared projects. The project’s findings will provide valuable insights into the impact of digital tools on education and inform future initiatives to drive digitalization in schools.

Cambulaga Elementary School Principal, Rowan Celestra, is a distinguished educator who has been recognized as a Civil Service Commission Dangal ng Bayan 2022 Awardee and a SEAMEO INNOTECH Educational Innovation Awards Winner 2021-2022 for his innovation E-nay.com. He is at the forefront of educational innovation and has played a pivotal role in the collaboration between Cambulaga Elementary School and KN Electrons in their endeavor to introduce cutting-edge technology to the classroom.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this research project and introduce the Interactive Board to our classrooms,” Principal Celestra shared. “The device has sparked excitement among both students and teachers, igniting a new passion for learning. The school is eager to have KN Electrons’ products, and we are actively looking for partners to purchase them. We look forward to continued collaboration with KN Electrons to bring cutting-edge technology to our students.”

This addition highlights Mr. Celestra’s commitment to educational innovation and his school’s interest in KN Electrons’ products.

The research project conducted by Sorsogon City-based KN Electrons at Cambulaga Elementary School represents a significant step towards leveraging technology to transform classroom learning. By harnessing the power of the Interactive Board and the insights gained from this initiative, KN Electrons aims to contribute to the ongoing digitalization efforts in educational institutions and drive innovation for the benefit of students and teachers, ultimately leading to Smart City living.