May 27, 2024

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History, 500 years ago: Day after Magellan’s death from Lapulapu’s victorious battle

Photo: National Quincentennial Committee

Looking back into historical narrative, after Ferdinand Magellan’s death from Lapulapu’s fierce resistance, the Spaniards, fled Cebu. “. . .On this day, 500 years ago, the remaining crew of Magellan, the first circumnavigators of the world, anchored near Bohol. They stopped here for a day to discuss the leadership of the Magellan-Elcano expedition and their future plans.”

“By this time, the expedition was virtually incapacitated due to lack of translator and astronomer, both were left in Cebu and presumed dead.”

“Juan Carvalho assumed as captain-general of the expedition.”

“Whereas, Gonzalo Gomez de Espinosa was named the new captain of Trinidad and Juan Sebastian Elcano of Victoria, respectively.”

“Carvalho ordered that the ship Concepcion be destroyed off the sea of Bohol as the expedition could no longer afford to maintain three ships with a meager number of crew.”

“Their next destination was in the place of people with complexion similar to Ethiopians, Panilongon.”

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines ascertained this to be the Island of Negros owing to the description of Francisco Albo, captain of Victoria, that the island was just opposite the southernmost point of Cebu island (i.e., Santander, Cebu).”