September 24, 2023

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Grim Reminders in Philippine Society

Photo: Manny Ferrer Fotografia

OPINION: What’s to be done? by Jose Cortez

Happy Teachers’ Day! No class.
Happy Farmers’ Month! No rice importation.

How about a four day week for employed workers? One day loss of wage for daily wage earners.

Daily hunger for the families whose main breadwinner is jobless. Until the next contract for five months

For a SSS pensioner whose monthly pension is below P5000/ month, more hunger in the face of unabated price increases of basic goods and services. No social protection.

Justice has fled our shores. No end to EJKs with impunity.

Honor the noble teachers who came to class despite the flooded roads.

Honor the farmers who unceasingly tilled the farms despite of low yields during the typhoon season.

Honor the jobless worker who pound the streets to earn a little for daily subsistence.

Honor the pensioners who suffer the meager sums they get each month, which are not even enough for food and medicines.

Honor the judge who resists attempts to coerce her to jail the innocent protesters.

Honor the mediamen and women who are forced to become victims of an oppressive regime.

Stop the killings!
Walk the bloody paths to peace !


BTW, Putin has sent his convoy of nuclear bombs and positioned them along the Russian border with Ukraine.

In Putin’s mind, it doesn’t matter that his army is crushed, or that young Russians are fed to the war unprepared, or that Russia herself is decimated by the combined firepower of US NATO nuclear missiles.

He is in his bunker, playing with his own nuclear triggering device..

What a sadist!

He used to sponsor anti-nuke protests in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with anti- imperialist unions and organizations.

Now that he has built his nuclear arsenal he has threatened the entire world with Armageddon.

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(About the writer): Jose Cortez has been a political journalist for 50 years, writer, and editor. In pre-Martial Law days, he wrote for Manila Times, and post-Martial Law for Philippine Graphic and Metro Sun.