June 11, 2023

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Great buys at LCC Supermarket to suit your wallet

As the largest chain of supermarket retailers in the Bicol Region, LCC offers another plus to its loyal customers offering great buys to suit their wallets giving the buying public lessen their Christmas shopping costs.

With their best brand but less in price, the LCC Great Buys, their house brand has a wide product assortment of top-notch brands that is more affordable than the leading brands offered by others.

Taking their market to the family, especially for the love of the sweets, let your kid have the best of gummy bears, gummy worms and coated chocolates which you may opt to share with your “inaanak” as their keeps.

The variety of snacks that we munch on while watching our favorite television shows or perhaps online streaming movies take their pop beans, banana chips, mix nuts and many more like chili tamarind hot chili and garlic peanuts that you take as a healthy snack treat.

All their offering in LCC Great Buys won’t break your wallet that gives a budget-friendly and quality meal with their canned vegetables, corn, coconut milk and mushroom product intended to stack your cooking needs.

Visit their nearest supermarket and take advantage of LCC GREAT BUYS to load your cart and save more than you expect, also to avoid a hassle-free shopping shop at LCC Supermarket Online at www.shoplcc.com.ph and https://lcc-online.app.link/order.

Try it, you have nothing to lose but more to gain with LCC Great Buys.