May 30, 2024

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Governor Chiz Escudero presence valued in Leni-Kiko Team campaign in Sorsogon

Sorsogon governor Chiz Escudero and VP Leni Rodredo. OVP photo

SORSOGON CITY — Though short of formally endorsing the presidential candidate as his chosen one, the presence of Governor Escudero with VP Leni Robredo at the rally in Sorsogon made the army of “Pinks” ecstatic and speaks silently of the sure votes for the candidate.

The popular Escudero is making a come back for Senator and one of the anointed senatorials of Leni-Kiko Team whose national political stature is hard to deny.

The Governor, just like the Vice-President, has an untarnished public service record that puts to test the integrity of other candidates who had hugged the headlines for their involvement in questionable transactional activities.

Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero, VP Leni Robredo and Sorsogon City Mayor Ester Hamor. Photo by Manny Ferrer / Bicol Express News

On her part, VP Leni said that Escudero had helped her office as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

“Chiz was one of my silent partners and his assistance made it to vulnerable communities,” VP Leni said.

In her previous visits to Sorsogon, VP Leni was heard admiring the Governor that if she happened to ran for a local position in Camarines Sur, instead of the national position, her province’s transformation will be modeled after Sorsogon.

Observers here differ in opinion with the appearance of the Governor on stage with the Leni-Kiko team, but commonly agree that public endorsement by Governor Chiz will end the debate for his chosen one. (Bicol Express News)

Leni Robredo nagsalita sa kanyang mga supporters sa Sorsogon. OVP photo