May 30, 2024

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Governor Chiz Escudero endorses Senator Villanueva re-election bid

Senator Joel Villanueva and Governor Chiz Escudero. Bicol Express News photo

Indeed friendship doesn’t transcend politics as far as soon-to-be senator Escudero and longtime friend Senator Joel Villanueva when the latter was hosted by the governor at his residence while campaigning in Sorsogon today.

It was revealed by Villanueva that one of his children is Escudero’s godchild while the host back staffed him when asked what he has done for Sorsogon by saying that infrastructure projects notably concreting of road opening, the rehabilitation of the provincial gymnasium including the funding extended for the construction of the Sorsogon sports complex.

The senator was humbled and expressed confidence that the big numbers from the province voters in 2016 will be duplicated with the help of the governor. It will be recalled that Villanueva placed second in 2016 however his number is dipping based on pollsters sliding either in 8th to 9th spot in the magic 12.

He was having a second thoughts to seek reelection after the demise of his mother and months after his brother due to the pandemic. His focus was not as determined as before but his unfinished agenda of serving the country got hold of it.

Senator Joel Villanueva and Governor Chiz Escudero. Bicol Express News photo

He is confident that the endorsement he received from presidential aspirants for the uphill situation that he is surmountable within the remaining forty days of the campaign.

On his part Escudero said that if he can endorse other candidates much more with “Joel” a testament to his closeness with the Senator.

Humbly the senator referred himself as “ang inyong empleado sa senado.”