June 13, 2024

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Global Risk Profile finds Philippines remains at ‘medium’ risk to corruption

Photo via Philstar

The Philippines remains at the medium risk to corruption as far as the Global Risk Profile (GRP), a leading Swiss-based company specializing in third-party risk management. is concern.

According to the 2022 Global Corruption Index (GCI), out of 196 countries and territories, the Philippines ranked 105th which is down three ranks from 102nd in 2021.

The GCI measures the state of corruption and white collar crimes around the world.

The country has received an overall risk score of 47.95 which was slightly higher than last year’s 46.96.

Over the past years, the Philippines have been a member of countries and territories ranked over 100 on corruption risk. In 2020, it ranked 111th, 101st in 2019 and 108th in 2018.