May 30, 2024

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Ex-cop tries suicide in jail over Double Murder case in Oas, Albay

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A former policeman, charged with double murder, attempted suicide in his cell at the Oas Municipal Police Station (MPS), Oas, Albay on Monday, January 24.

The ex-cop was in jail after allegedly killing an Indian national and a village councilman.

The suspect is charged with Double Murder after he allegedly killed an Indian National identified as Puggtarmindes Singh, a resident of Brgy. Gabon, Polangui and Barangay Councilor Marlon Encabo Rebusquillo for alleged debt of more or less half a million pesos, which also included his half-brother Raymond Isaac Salanga, 23 years old.

Bryan Aguilar. Contributed photo

Police report said the ex-cop murder suspect is Bryan Aguilar who is a formerly a Police Corporal assigned in Polangui MPS as a Crime Investigator.

According to investigation report, the suspect might have slashed his wrist with a piece of bamboo while laying down, but aborted by a policeman after seeing the suspect bleeding in his cell at the police station.

The bleeding suspect was rushed to the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital (BRTTH), Daraga, Albay for treatment and, then, was returned back to his cell.