April 17, 2024

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DSWD “student ayuda” distribution stirs up a hornets’ nest in Sorsogon, Bicol provinces

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by Bicol Express News

Distribution of cash assistance for students in specified pay-out centers by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) stirred up a hornets’ nest in Sorsogon and other places in Bicol provinces.

Students had lined up for the payout, but the process was marked by confusion, disorder, fatigue among students in the queue under the sun, and hunger.

The DSWD does not have a proper system for the distribution and registration of those who will get educational cash assistance in Sorsogon and other places in Bicol.

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Youth and students who want to avail assistance from the DSWD had lined up since early morning, but the worst part was that the system implemented was not organized, but crowded, long queues, students basking under the sun.

They requested that distribution and registration should be in every municipality, to give those in remote areas a chance. Students no longer need to spend on fares, food.

According to Jude Hicap, the program is good, but the strategy is not efficient and effective, why?

  1. If the government really wants to help the poor students..the pay out center should be increased. For example, LGUs under MSWDO, plus regional staff can be deployed in the towns, not just in the limited satellite offices where the staff are limited.

A citizen reacted if the people on the Islands, far away villages, really poor people can move, does that mean they can still go to the city center to stand in line? “Santisima…what a mess..happening in the Philippines!.”

Susan Hagad said, “I hope that every municipality can avoid this kind of disaster, because we are afraid of the pandemic, we don’t know if there are people who have met in the queue, the parents, the children, I’m sure those teachers will make sacrifices for their children. If it’s a municipality, it’s more OK to be in a cluster in a barangay.”

According to Arnel Despi, “It hurts so much, you should have taken the lists of enrolled students from the schools? Or every barangay? Right? You hurt the students!!!”

For George Calolot. “To: DSWD.. Sir/Madam: It would be great if it could be announced to students every 15 minutes (via online). If you know that many can only do online registration, Send the students home to avoid getting infected with Covid.”

Angelo Lowell said, “The DSWD should only go to schools because what they’re looking for is proof of enrollment, then they’ll only give the other requirements to the schools, what they’re doing is too difficult, in the range of 1-3k , you have to work hard before you get…”

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In Masbate City, parents who have obtained their children’s enrollment certificates went to the DSWD office in Barangay Cagba, early on Friday to avail of the educational assistance.

According to the DSWD, financial aid for education is available at the following levels: PHP1,000 for elementary school, PHP2,000 for high school, PHP3,000 for senior high school, and PHP4,000 for vocational/college.

Other documents required to be included in DSWD’s Educational Assistance for Students-In-Crisis are a certificate of indigency based on some listed categories and a valid government ID of the claimant.