May 27, 2024

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Criminal complaint filed against whistleblower Daniel Good

The whistleblower that imputed three individuals as masterminds in the killing of former Sorsogon Board Member Pedro Ravanilla is now facing three criminal complaints filed at the prosecutor’s office here by Attorney Peter Angelo Jolloso.

The lawyer in a video interview uploaded a day ago that the defamatory statement merits his relatives to seek redress for them to restore their honor and innocence and free them from further humiliation since one of the involved is known in the social circle of Sorsogon. The lawyer is a nephew of two of the complainants.

The whistleblower now identified as Daniel Good or DVG in his FB account uploaded another video as claimed by the lawyer who seemed to be not in a proper state of mind but the first video though deleted revealed his lucidness which the camp of the aggrieved party copied the link of the post.

He urged and appealed to the public not to sensationalize the video of Daniel Good but warned that they reserved the right to take legal action if found that any uploader has defamatory and malicious intent against his clients.