May 30, 2024

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“Creepy” group fields local candidates; another group forming “political militia”

ID with organization name OF "H - WORLD U.N. MILITARY PHIL GOV’T"

Unknown to many, a creepy group is fielding local candidates in small towns, promising “funding” to chosen local folks to run for Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilors.

The upline hierarchy of this group is kept secret, but the name of this group has surfaced recently as “Maharlika*.

Among veteran political observers, “Maharlika” is linked with “Marcos”.

Meanwhile, many Bicolanos are going to Manila to avail of “job offers”.

One guy is already carrying an ID, identifying the holder as “Interpol Royal Police” for “H – World U.N. Military Phil. Gov’t”.

Photo shows the signature of the official with name as “5 Star General Marcos . . .”

The “authorized signatory” of this ID is a certain 5 Star General Marcos . . .”

The holder said he will be given initially an allowance, and to undergo training, while many member Bicolanos already went to Manila during the past two weeks to attend “training”.

Somebody suspects the “H World U. N. Military Phil. Gov’t.” is a front for a “political militia” group.

It is not known who is their “Big Boss” candidate.



TOP PHOTO shows ID with organization name OF ” H – WORLD U.N. MILITARY PHIL GOV’T “


LOWER PHOTO shows the signature of the official with name as ” 5 Star General Marcos . . .”

Note: Info about the ID Owner is not shown for his protection.