May 27, 2024

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Covid-19 surge in Bicol continues, doctors group worries

Transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Credit: NIAID-RML. via Pharmaceutical Technology

Shortage of hospital beds worries health frontliners as surge of Covid-19 cases remain uncontained despite of Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, and Albay Provinces, and Naga City resorting to stricter quarantine measures.

Over the week, observations revealed infections are occurring within households.

These caused a Bicol-base doctors group on Monday expressing alarm over surge of COVID-19 cases in Bicol.

“Family members are getting infected with COVID-19. There are cases a couple or a family are occupying a hospital room,” said Dr. Eloisa Pornillos, president of Philippine College of Physicians-Bicol Chapter, over media interview.

Pornillos said beds for coronavirus patients were fully occupied, no vacancy in past two weeks.

Health Undersecretary Leopoldo Vega said, in a media interview.

“There’s a surge in Bicol now… Naga and Legazpi, there’s a surge that’s why testing, contact tracing and isolating the infected have been aggressive. Those have to be done to stem the increase.”

Over the week, Bicol logged an additional 212 Covid 19 cases, raising its record to 16,153. So far, 507 died in the region.

Camarines Sur has 4,522 cases; Sorsogon, 2,410; and Albay, 2,296 recorded with the most COVID-19 cases.