June 17, 2024

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COVID-19 cases nationwide continue surging

Photo: Pasig CPIO

The latest DOH Cases Information board revealed that there are 901,290 recorded with 682,510 recoveries and 203,024 active cases. It also recorded and the Statistic for Weekly By Date of Onset of Illness among the regions NCR, Region Iv-A Calabarzon, Region III Central Luzon, Region VII Central Visayas, Region VI Western Visayas and CAR are among the most hit regions.

From April 8 to April 14, 2021, NCR registered 27, 893 cases, Calabarzon has 10,804, Central Luzon talied 6,691, Central Visayas 1,369, Western Visayas has 2,501, CAR 2,051, and the other regions combined data is 5,774 cases.

The age bracket of 25 to 29 years old tops in the number of affected with the female group accounting for 62,969(7.1%) while the male under this bracket is 70,582 or 8.0%. Those who recovered in the same age bracket for males stood at 52,845(8.2%) and the opposite sex recoveries are 48,455 or 7.3% among those recovered.

On the number of deaths the most number is from the age bracket of 50 to 54. Males accounted for 857 deaths while female deaths are 459.

In the last 14 days by Date on the Onset of Illness Quezon City has 11,526 new cases, Cavite recorded 7,994, City of Manila has 7,682 while Bulacan and Rizal has 5,941 and 5,654.

It also registered a total of 15,810. All of the confirmed cases are those that were tested RT-PCR positive by a DOH-RITM certified lab.