April 24, 2024

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Citizens hit LGU-Tinambac, Camarines Sur on use of Bayanihan Grant Php 20.27 M

Photo from LGU Tinambac fb page

Good governance group Bangon Tinambac questioned the LGU’s non-compliance to
transparency in the P20.27 Million Covid-19 response Bayanihan Grant allotted to the town by the national government.

“COA’s annual audit for Tinambac shows that the LGU failed to comply with transparency requirements, which include posting of the details of the full use of the 2020 Bayanihan Grant,” said Marion Abiog of the Bangon Tinambac.

LGU Tinambac has been in the hot seat since the release of its 2020 COA audit. Audit remarks include P17.7 Million unliquidated cash advances and P19.38 Million disbursements without documentation among others.

As of writing, the transparency section of LGU Tinambac’s website contains a one-page report of the Bayanihan Grant which lacks other details such as Notices of Award (NOA), contracts, or purchase orders.

“DBM state that emergency procurement covered under the Bayanihan Act must be certified by the budget officer. But why does the posted utilization report lack the signature of the Municipal Budget Officer?” asks Councilor Oming Velarde, also of Bangon Tinambac.

“Did the chief executive intentionally exclude the budget officer from these transactions? That is not allowed according to these rules and circulars,” Councilor Velarde adds.

The Department of Budget Management issued a circular on July 10, 2020 on the utilization of the Bayanihan Grant.

According to the circular, procurement can only commence provided there is a certification from the budget officer.

“The Government Procurement Policy Board reiterates that full documentary requirements, and not just a simple fund utilization report summary, is needed to ensure full transparency of the transaction,” add Marion Abiog.

“Transparency is trampled here. Tinambaqueños have the right to know where government money, people’s money go,” ends Ms. Abiog.

The current administration headed by Mayor Ruel Tuy and Vice Mayor Belle Prades have been issued by COA Notices of Suspension amounting to P98 Million according to the recent audit.

Rule IV Section 4 of the 2009 Revised Rules of Procedure of the Commission on Audit states that Notices of Suspension are issued for transactions of doubtful legality and validity.

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